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Persuasive Sales Writing Training Courses

"Well done, Robert! I learned more from your training course in one day than I have from any of the training courses that I've attended over the past five years. I just loved it."

In-house group training courses

In addition to my private, individual, one-on-one training course on persuasive writing, I offer you a selection of four 1-day (or half-day) training courses to choose from. Far and away my most popular course is my in-house module titled: "Persuasive Sales & Web Site Content Writing  - what you say and how you write it"

1. Persuasive Sales & Web Site Content Writing  - what you say and how you write it Door Handle - Unlock your inspirations


This is an all-time favourite. Over the past 15 years I have presented this 1-day (or half day) training module in many different companies, representative bodies and associations in numerous different countries.

In a fast-moving, action-packed module participants will discover how to make their direct communications with customers: direct mail, digital marketing and direct marketing campaigns work better than ever before. There is a special emphasis given in this course on writing direct mail and digital letters, brochures, online newsletters and information sheets. Writing for the Web Sites is included too! Plus my favourite - writing Ezines and online newsletters.

A popular new dimension to this course is that - if you wish - I can display some of your own company's existing promotional material on the screen and, together, we can evaluate the strengths and possible weaknessess of its copy. It's amazing how many good, strong, positive ideas come out of a carefully structured group evaluation like this... especially when everyone in the group has just been armed with my widely aclaimed rules for writing successful copy.


2. Half-day individual private 'SALES WRITING or Web Content Writing tuition course for business people

Spend a morning with me

Let's face it! Most of us learned how to write in school, when the only person we needed to impress was our teacher, who never really had to sell anything, or influence or persuade anybody. Since then we've had to make do in the business world with copying the writing styles of our business colleagues whose writing abilities are often far worse than our own.

Here's an opportunity for you to spend a morning at the desk with one of Ireland's most successful business marketing writers and develop and improve your persuasive writing and written presentation skills. Not only will you be encouraged to write under my personal guidance but you will also get a private insight into how professional commercial writers structure their written sales and web site communications to capture, and hold, their readers' attention.

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3. I Write, U Write, E Write!

Cast a new light on your copywriting

Another popular 1-day (or half day) course where the focus is on more effectively communicating your company's message on any communications medium: Web Sites, PowerPoint, Emails, Ezines, Sales letters, Sales presentations and Brochures.

Throughout the course participants will be introduced to the 'do's and don'ts' of writing in any of these communications media. And they will be provided with many tips and suggestions on how to create more reader-friendly communications. It will make you a real WINNER-WRITER!


4. Communicating successfully with the written word in hard-copy and in cyberspace on web sites, ezines etc.The Copywriting Award

This is a very lively inter-active one day (or half day) course and participants are encouraged to 'pick up the pen' and write. There is a strong marketing emphasis in this course and it covers writing sales letters, brochures, reports, web sites, ezines  - even ads for the newspaper.

If you'd like me to email you a sample 1-day course programme, let me know and it will be my pleasure.

5. ... but Robert, I Want The Best of Everything!


That's not a problem with me. If you like, just talk to me about your requirements and wishes and I'll put together a half day, or a full day, in-house training module to meet your needs.

For example, sometimes people say to me 'Robert, we want to cover everything but we want to spend more time on getting our direct mail copy perfect'... or our online newsletter copy perfect, or whatever. That's Okay with me. I can do exactly that for you. Email me at with your telephone number and a good time for me to call you back and, together, we will work out the best training course to suit your requirements.


For testimonials, further information or a quotation... ... for any of these in-company training courses, you are welcome to contact me. I will personally reply to you.