See What They Say About My Copywriting

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Over the years people have said all kind of complimentary things about my copywriting and my in-company training courses. Here are some of them for you to have a look at.

... Mr Hayes-McCoys copy has a quality largely ignored by copywriters, one drawn to my attention by David Ogilvy over dinner one evening ... charm and character.

Drayton Bird (UK). Author: Commonsense Direct Marketing

 ... Congratulations on creating one of the most original and memorable direct mail campaigns I have seen in forty years of opening business envelopes.

Stan Rapp (USA), Author: The Great Marketing Turnaround

... Robert Hayes-McCoy writes great business letters - the kind of letters people like to receive.

Murray Raphel (USA), Author: The Great Brain Robbery

... Robert Hayes-McCoy is The Real McCoy of marketing copywriters in Ireland.

John Keane (Ire), Joint Editor: Direct Marketing in Ireland

See What They Say About My Copywriting Training Courses

... Lively, informative and I would warmly recommend it to anyone in my staff.

... thank you for giving me the tools of your trade.

... A great direct marketing course, particularly useful and Robert Hayes-McCoy certainly knows his subject inside out.

... I would recommend your digital copywriting course to all my staff.

And here are three more:

... Well done! I learned more in one session today than I learned from any seminar I have attended in the last five years.

... Very enjoyable and very informative.

... If you are ever looking for a recommendation. I will be delighted to tell everybody how good your sales-writing course is.

To find out more about my in-company training courses: ­ Communicating with the written word, ­ Writing effective business letters, ­ How to make Direct marketing work for your company, please visit my training course page.

If you would like more, have a look at my some organisations that I have worked with page, select the company that interests you most and I will give you the name of someone to contact there for a testimonial.