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The Real McCoy Articles

Here are some articles of mine that you may enjoy reading. Some are informative. Some are useful. Others are mere figments of my imagination! All are interesting. And many are great fun.

For each of these articles you can view either the standard HTML html version or the PDF pdf version for easier saving or printing.

Article 1 - a fun story about a genuine letter that I received many years ago from the Irish Prime Minister.

The real truth about Mr Charles Haughey's - the Irish Prime Minister - millions

Article 4 - a genuinely funny article about the troubles and trials of being a copywriter... and the screen goes BLANK!

Where were you when the paper was blank!

Article 5 - I wrote this 25 years ago... and, hey!, it is still happening today

I've found your wallet!

Article 6 - Write in a BIGGER type font and you will get a BIGGER response - bigger fonts both on paper and online!

Money is short-sighted

Article 7 - I've always loved the learned Walrus who was getting ready for his dinner

The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things...

Article 8 - Greed was always a terrible thing - still is!

Dear Mr Hayes-McCoy, We Have Thirty-Two Million, One Hundred Thousand US Dollars (US. $32.1M)... Your commission will be 25% of the total sum.


Here's a useful copywriting formula to apply to the landing page on your web site too!

The 'U-Count' is a very simple formula for enhancing your sales letter