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The Ezine of Robert Hayes-McCoy Copywriter

From time to time throughout the year, I send out an online magazine – an ezine titled: The Real McCoy – to all my clients and friends. The purpose of this ezine is twofold:

  1. To share powerful copywriting tips and ideas with my readers.
  2. To keep in touch and bring everyone up to date on copywriting and editing matters of interest. 

Mine is a lively, cheerful and informative ezine, full of wisdom and wit and information. I’m told by many people who receive it that it’s an enjoyable read. If you would like to receive future copies of my ezine you are very welcome to include your name on my circulation list.

It’s free! And since I consider everyone who is on my circulation list a friend, I do not pass on my circulation list details to anyone. Needless to say, you may opt out of my circulation list at any time. All it takes you is one click on the opt-out button that features on every edition of the newsletter.

 So C’mon! You are very welcome to sign up immediately and... enjoy!

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