Persuasive Direct Marketing

"Here's what you say and how you write it"

Here's what you say and how you write it

Robert Hayes-McCoy

International Award-winning Copywriter

ISBN: 1-86076-294-8
Paperback Price €25

  Here's what you say and how you write it

What the experts say About this book …

'.... Everyone who wants to sell MORE should read this inspiring book - it's an absolute goldmine of marketing information.'

John Keane, The Response Group, Founding Chairman of The Irish Direct Marketing Association.

'.... At last! The book that Irish Direct Marketers have been asking Robert to write for years is here! If you follow the formulae in this book you will achieve maximum impact and results from your next direct mail campaign. Robert’s unique sense of humour, together with his professionalism, makes this both an entertaining and very informative read.'

Kathleen Treanor, International Post Corporation, Brussels

'.... When reading your book, I had a feeling that you came into my living room, sat down and said, “Here's how direct marketing really works”. You have written it in a me-and-thee easy to understand and put into action style.'

Murray Raphel (USA), International direct marketing speaker and author

'.... Terrific technical guidance written in common sense language - a must! '

Bill Moss, Bill Moss & Associates

'.... Robert is an excellent copywriter. Here he reveals how he does it. Well worth the read.' 

Drayton Bird, DBA (UK) Ltd., Author of Commonsense Direct Marketing

'.... Robert's sales copy has always been entertaining but, above all, EFFECTIVE! Buy this book now!'

  Jim Kidd, AIB Bank

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