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Robert Hayes-McCoy

I am an Irish national and international award winning Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing copywriter who has helped all kinds of companies promote their products and services, and win more customers.

A copywriter is the creative person who writes the headlines & words for sales letters, promotional brochures, emails, web sites, ezines, online newsletters etc. It is a very skillful job which requires a fair amount of time and perseverance to get the sales/promotional message right. It also requires knowledge of what works and what does not work for different age groups in the marketplace.


... my job is to create & write the headlines and the persuasive selling words that go into:

  1. Sales letters, business letters & fundraising letters
  2. Brochures, promotional material & company reports
  3. Web Sites, Online Newsletters and Ezines

And Okay, I write the words and the text for other things like Radio Commercials, Chairman Speeches, Annual Reports and suchlike. But I will not burden you here with details of all these.

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And now for ... My Training Courses:   

I also do very popular in-company training courses on Persuasive Sales Writing  - what you say and how you write it!

 Conference Speaker:   

I am often invited to be a guest speaker on the subject of Selling with the Written Word and Web & Email  Writing & How to Write better Sales Letters and Brochures at seminars and conferences in Ireland and overseas.

 Who I Work With:      

I have written brochures, newsletters, web site copy and sales letters for many large international household brand names along with some quite wonderful small companies too! Read on and you will quickly discover how my copywriting services and training courses can be harnessed to work for you?

My 3 Bs Formula for Success

What the 3Bs stand for is: Be Bright, Be Brief & Be off! It is the golden rule of writing really great copy both for web sites and for direct and digital marketing. Here is a special 3bs selection of mine for you to enjoy.

1. Be Bright!    

2. Be Brief!   

3. Be Off!       

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